About Petite Estates

About Petite Estates

Petite Estates is Your Perfect Home for a Contemporary Start or a Right-size to Luxury. Petite Estates feature dual amenities of contemporary luxury on the first and second floors, a home-elevator, and extraordinary indoor/outdoor living, meticulously designed for those seeking their first home and for those seeking to right-size.

Our Story

Petite Estates was founded by Mac Woods after undergoing her own process of downsizing from the 2,200 sq. ft.  home that became “too much space” for her and her husband after their sons moved out for college.  After selling her home, she recounts that “there was no where to go but an apartment.” After living in a house for decades, having to move to an apartment was a necessary but undesired transition. Desiring to give others the opportunity to remain in the familiar home setting, Mac created Petite Estates. She enrolled in Houston Community College’s Construction Management Technology program where she designed the perfect home, Petite Estates. With a dual floor plan of 2 beds, 2 baths, a kitchen and a kitchenette, a home elevator, clean-energy, and advanced technology; Petite Estates is your perfect home to right-size to luxury!

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