How to Right Size

What is Right Sizing?

Right sizing describes your choice to live a better, more comfortable lifestyle. Right sizing is about “finding what brings your life meaning, makes you smile, and allows you to sleep well and deeply every single night” as explained by Kathy of Smart Living 365. As pointed out in the article, “Why do people call such a positive change for your life ‘downsizing’?” An article by the Wall Street Journal notes that “calling the change a downsize puts the focus on sacrificing and giving up. Instead of focusing on the positive, the idea of downsizing is that something must be ‘wrong’ and you are only doing it because you have to do it.” We favor using the term right sizing because it reflects your conscious decision for a better lifestyle, one that more closely fits you and your family in the best possible way!

Why Right Size?

Right sizing is about being honest enough with yourself to reassess what your expenses are and whether those expenses are worth the money, time, and effort. There are numerous benefits that prove why you should right size today! When you right size your home you save money by reducing major expenses, including your mortgage payments, utility bills, property taxes, HOA fees, and homeowner’s insurance. Another great reason to right size your home is that you will be able to reduce the costs and time dedicated to maintenance and upkeep on your current home giving you the opportunity invest more time and money towards other important aspects of your life. Overall, right sizing makes living more cost effective for you!

Below are 5 key steps we recommend to successfully right size.

Step 1: Start Early

Right sizing takes time. The process of right sizing may take a few weeks to upwards of a year or more. You have to create a plan for your process of sorting through your personal and household items and preparing for your next steps. Starting early will allow you to better plan out your process of right sizing and will save you the stress of not having to rush through the process.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Create an outline of what needs to be done. This will keep you organized and on track throughout your process. In your plan, you should detail and track your daily and weekly tasks to successfully right size. Your plan should incorporate proactive measures that you should take that will allow your process of right sizing to go a lot smoother. This includes measures including having a location, like a P.O. Box, to forward your mail to as you are in the process of moving. This will ensure that you have no issues with receiving your mail once you move.

Step 3: Sorting: Keep, Sell, Donate

This step will be the most lengthy, time-consuming part of your right sizing process depending on the amount of things in your home. We recommend you take your time, and don’t try to rush through the process of sorting. We have provided an article below that gives good direction for the sorting process. You should go through and sort your things one room at a time, and take necessary breaks throughout the process.

Step 4: Next Steps

After you have made it through the sorting process, the next steps will be a lot less time-consuming and stressful on your part. Time to pack all of your remaining items that you have decided to keep and focus on selling your home. We recommend working with a realtor to make the process of selling your home go a lot faster and smoother.

Step 5: Relax and Enjoy Your New Home

You successfully made it through the right sizing process. Take the time to relax and enjoy your very own Petite Estates. You deserve it!